European Continent

At the different exhibitions of Poema del Mar you can see specimens of species whose natural habitat is located at European seas and oceans, such as the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and which we will have the opportunity to see up close, for example, in the exhibition Deep Ocean and Veril.

African continent

The African continent has a great wealth of marine and terrestrial fauna, such as the Goliath tiger fish and the Nile crocodile, which can be seen in the aquarium, in which we have a recreation of baobab, the tree of the life in Africa.

American Continent

Poema del Mar welcomes species from the basins of the Amazon, Mississippi and Orinoco rivers, among others, and recreates habitats such as a Mexican cenote and a representation of the Pernambuco or Brazilwood.

Asian Continent

The Asian continent is also represented at Poema del Mar through fluvial species, such as the himantura, or marinas, from the Indo-Pacific.

Oceanic Continent

The marine and fluvial species of Oceania also have their space in Poema del Mar, between emphasizing the curious Loggerhead Sea Turtle, coming from the north of Australia, and the Ray of the Reef.