No time to come and visit our Aquarium and animals? At Poema del Mar, we want to spread our message beyond our premises, thus, we offer a Videoconferencing Program for schools all year-round, which is aimed at all educational centres in Spain. During the next academic year 2018/2019, just as in the previous year, we will hold videoconferences in sync with Loro Park. Starting in November ... Each conference will address the different aspects of animal biology and knowledge on the conservation of species will be deepened. Conference content will be tailored to meet the needs of each of our audiences (Preschoolers, Primary and Junior High Students as well as High School Students). In addition, environmental issues will be addressed, in order to raise awareness on the comsuption habits of schoolchildren. Students will also attend education sessions on eating habits and/or receive medical training during such conferences. In order to know more about this program, please read our calendar and contact us at for enrolment.