Friday, 29 October 2021 08:56

Terrifyingly fun Halloween celebration at Poema del Mar

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The great Aquarium Poema del Mar will be transformed into an incredibly spooky place this bank holiday, from Saturday 30th October to Monday 1st November, coinciding with the celebration of Halloween. For the occasion, the staff will be dressed in Halloween costumes, there will be special decorations, music and lighting and children will be able to enjoy themed food and will receive a themed mask as a gift. It could not be more fun!

In addition, a mysterious route with large panels will draw attention to the most terrifying animals in Poema del Mar, such as the piranha, the Goliath tiger fish and the crocodile. Young and old will be amazed by the most curious and interesting facts about several ‘terrifying’ species.

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Thus, the aquarium of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria reinforces its role as a conservation centre with an important educational labour, as one of its purposes is to educate its visitors in animal welfare, protection and conservation of species and sustainability. Moreover, thanks to a complete Halloween theme, the aquarium is the best leisure option for the whole family this long weekend.

The seabed represented in Poema del Mar is the perfect setting for this increasingly popular festival, thanks to its dark waters and the fascinating species that populate the different spaces.

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