Monday, 17 December 2018 16:04

A year of Poema del Mar

Next Monday, December 17, will mark a year since Poema del Mar officially began its operations with a grand opening. Coinciding with the 46th anniversary of Loro Parque, the great aquarium of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria now celebrates a year of success in which tens of thousands of visitors have been able to marvel at the spectacular biodiversity of the Blue Planet, in a journey that guides them through lakes, rivers and seas, until submerging them in the deepest ocean.

Recognised by the authorities of the Canary Islands as a project "of strategic interest to the region", with the potential to strengthen the promotion of Gran Canaria, and the entire archipelago, as one of the best tourist destinations on an international scale, Poema del Mar has remained faithful to its commitment to innovation, biodiversity conservation and excellence in sustainable tourism.

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